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Today's thema: big failure while travelling

Fan send a letter that she once forgot to bring underpants with her. She asked that have the members ever forgotten to bring underpants with them.
Ruki: Forgetting underpants. ....... Eh? It was forgetting underpants? There isn't.
Aoi: Un, isn't. Because you always take little bit extra underpants and socks with, don't you.
Ruki: I bring enough with me.
Aoi: Taking enough plus few extras, don't you.
Reita: Eh, no way. This time we went to abroad, it was 14 days, right? Did you bring 14 with you?
Ruki & Aoi: I brought 14 with me.
Reita: For real?! I brought 10.
Aoi: That isn't enough, isn't it.
Ruki: A!
Reita: Eh, I wash them.
Ruki: Ah!
Reita: Nonononono
Aoi: You..
Ruki: A!!
Reita: I won't keep them 2 days or anything!
Ruki: Moreover mine got kind of less and less by the trip.
Everyone laughs
Reita: Ah, those elegant pink ones..
Everyone laughs
Ruki: Unn
Reita: Those yeah~ They're my favorite now.
Ruki: Return them~ Return them~~~
This is from here: http://youtu.be/0lr7RmV6Hqg?t=6m3s and this part starts around 6:03

10 pants for 14 days

Ruki: I've never forgotten to bring pants. I always bring pants same as number of days I go out.
Reita: I brought 10 pants during 14 days of world tour.
Ruki; Is that enough? (pants)
Reita: I wash it. If I really need a pants, I'll just borrow from you, XDDDDDDDD